Areas of Practice in Law

Criminal Law

We act in the most diverse areas in Criminal Law, using our vast experience and expertise to follow-up instigated criminal proceedings as well as to provide preventive counseling regarding ongoing proceedings and follow-up the process stages, including the investigation, pre-trial phase, trial, or appeal.

We highlight the constitution of Assistant, the case of the offended, prejudiced, or other types of crime.

Process follow-up near all the entities, including the scope of the first hearing for the provision of the Statement of Identity and Residence and constitution of the accused near the judicial Authorities.

We are also present in all the proceedings before the criminal police authorities and criminal court.

  • Complaints
  • Criminal Report
  • Private Prosecution
  • Habeas corpus
  • Misdemeanor and Traffic Law

Family and Inheritance Law

  • Legal advice for clients in divorce processes by mutual consent and without the consent of the other spouse (Judicial divorce);
  • Non-marital partnership;
  • Lien on assets;
  • Attribution of the family home;
  • Maintenance obligations between former spouses;
  • Pre-nuptial agreement;
  • Parental responsibilities;
  • Maintenance for minors;
  • Establishment of Affiliation: maternity and paternity;
  • Adoption;
  • Processes of protection of minors;
  • Separation of property and legal separation of people and goods;
  • Transcriptions of birth and marriage near the competent services for the acquisition of the Portuguese nationality;
  • Testaments;
  • Inheritance Matters of a wide range of natures, namely: Opening of Succession, Certifying the heirs, donations, probate, and extra-judicial agreements sharing of goods;
  • Inventory process and its incidents and record acts;
  • Recognition of Foreign Judgment.


Insolvency processes, singular or collective, required or to be presented with the respective previous counseling and activity of the insolvency administrator.

Labor Law

The Labor Law field, provision of services regarding labor contracts and analogous situations, dismissals, and disciplinary procedures, misdemeanors, and disputes in the social and arbitration jurisdiction.

We handle employment litigation and vocational legal advice to provide assistance before regulatory entities (Authority for Working Conditions and Social Security);

Real state and Notary

Follow-up of the client during the process of acquiring a property in Portugal, from the acquisition of the tax number to the analysis of all the documentation, regularization of all the necessary documentation, elaboration of pre-contract agreements, purchase and sale deeds, and follow-up of the entire process, from the negotiation stage until the end.


  • Certification of photocopies;
  • Power of attorney bestowing;
  • Presential certification of signatures;
  • Bestowing articles of association with presential certification;
  • Land / automobile / commercial register.

Non-habitual resident

  • Following-up the client during the process of legalization for acquiring the residence visa;
  • Acquisition of the Portuguese nationality
  • Golden Visa

Foreigners Legalization

Following-up the client during the process of legalization for acquiring the residence visa;

Trade and Corporate Law

  • Debt collection;
  • Transfer of shares and stocks;
  • Constitution/ dissolution of corporations;
  • Elaboration of social pacts, minutes, among other.

Loan Recovery

In the first moment, we make all the possible efforts to reach a settlement with the debtors, defining payment deadlines, looking for alternatives, identifying real or personal collaterals of the debtors, in order to safeguard the negotiation or renegotiation of the credits of the clients.

We provide the following services:

  • Enforceable contracts and debt statements;
  • Injunctions;
  • Executive action;
  • Processes of business recovery and insolvency;
  • Justices of the peace court;
  • Cheques, bills of exchange, and promissory notes;
  • Arbitration

Civil Law

  • Elaboration of rent, endeavor, lending, purchase, and promissory contracts, assignment of the contractual position, deposit, loan, actions of preference, eviction, claims, repossession cases, independent legal notice, protective orders, among other;
  •  Horizontal property, indemnity.

Administrative Law and Urbanism

We elaborate requirements in the scope of procedures of different orders before the diverse public entities, with the main highlight on the intervention on processes regarding licensing urban works near the City Council.