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Portimão Lawyers

About CN Portimão Lawyers

At Catarina Nunes Portimão Lawyers, not only do we provide a customized advocacy service but also a transparent one, and our main mission is to find adequate solutions to each situation.

In accordance with Portuguese law, we act to represent both companies and individuals.

In Seixal, (work together with FBM Advogados) our law office is located in Rua Jaime Cortesão, nº 17, 1.º Direito.

Áreas do Direito

Areas of Practice

CN Portimão Lawyers act in several different Law areas of practice, with the purpose of searching for the best solution for each case, for example :

Criminal Law, Family and Inheritance Law, Bankruptcy, Labor Law, Real Estate Law and Notary, Registers, Legalization of the Migratory State of Foreigners, Non-habitual Residents, Trade and Corporate Law, Loan Recovery, Civil Law, Administrative Law, and Urbanism.

Consulta Jurídica

Legal Advice

Legal advice consists of technical clarifications regarding the law to be applied to concrete matters or cases, which include legitimate personal interests or violated private rights or threatened rights, assessing the existence or non-existence of legal ground for the client’s claim.

Thus, legal advice also comprises performing extrajudicial proceedings that directly result from the provided legal advice.

In Algarve, we provide all legal advice at our Law Office in Portimão.

In the Portugal center, our Law Office is located in Seixal.

Eventually, in situations in which traveling is not possible, we can also provide legal advice online, via skype or email